• Brittany

Magical Designs Supporting Small Businesses

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Some days I can't help but daydream about sipping my Starbucks while strolling down Main Street, riding Pirates of the Caribbean, or stopping by my favorite themed walls. There's something about those magic moments that truly brighten everyday. When you hear music from the parks or see your favorite design on something it instantly brings about a bit of happiness.

I want you to feel like you have a bit of the magic with you always. To do so I searched high and low for designs that capture the magic in a subtle way. I wanted it to be something you can wear to the office or out on a date night as well as while you're out in the parks. I refer to this style often as classy magically inspired. These classy magically inspired prints can be found in the shop.

When searching high & low for the perfect joy inspiring fabrics I stumbled across a retailer that offered independently designed fabrics with eco-friendly printing. So not only do the designers get paid directly for their designs, but care is taken to reduce waste whenever these designs are ordered and printed. I couldn't ask for much more. As a small business owner myself I'm always looking for ways to support other small business owners, especially those who share a passion for all things magical. Even my pins are created by a small business owner/designer that specializes in enamel pin work. I love how he brought my design to life. More to come soon from this wonderful collaboration.

As soon as I received my first shipment of pins & fabric I knew that both were created with quality in mind. With the process being something I could truly stand behind and the quality being so superior to most things I could find in my local fabric store it was a no brainer to continue to work with these amazing suppliers. Sure there are always cheaper alternatives or deals to be had, but I'd much rather support other small businesses and provide the quality you come to expect with Chronicles of a Pixie accessories. Our accessories are not only designed to last, but I hope they inspire you with a bit of magic every single day!

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