• Brittany

Love AUSTRALIA Bowbands

Love AUSTRALIA bow headbands have arrived in the shop. For each of these headbands purchased $6 will go towards the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund 2020 through Zoos Victoria. This donation will go toward much needed veterinary care and scientific intervention for animals injured and displaced during the current bushfires.

These animals not only need care for injuries, but food and shelter too. Their homes were destroyed as well as their food supply. It is so essential that we help as the assistance needed will most be very expensive. I hope you will consider adding one of these Valentine's prints to your bow headband collection. If you're not interested in purchasing a bow headband, but still want to help you can donate directly to the fund through Zoos Victoria:


The devastation from the current bushfires in Australia is absolutely heartbreaking. I truly feel for all of the people and animals who have been impacted. Every little bit helps so I hope you'll consider supporting this important cause.

Know how to sew or knit? You can also help out by creating items that will help with the recovery of these animals: https://bit.ly/2FF30gB