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A Disney World Babymoon - Your Guide to Disney World While Pregnant

My husband and I racked our brains on where to go for the perfect babymoon. There are so many places we wanted to go, but in my first trimester I was overrun with terrible Morning Sickness - or as I liked to call it, "all day sickness". I really wanted to stick close to home, and avoid the long flights that an international trip would involve. After much thought, we decided to go on one last kid-free trip to Disney World for our babymoon early in my second trimester. I'm so glad we had this special adventure for the two of us as we created so many special memories!

Here are my top tips for creating a special babymoon in the Happiest Place on Earth:

Celebrating Buttons

Be sure to pick up an "I'm Celebrating" button at your Disney Resort or at Guest Relations in the parks. This lets all the cast know that you're there for a very special occasion. It was so nice hearing congratulations and getting special character interactions as I only had a small bump at this point in my pregnancy. Also, I'm sure the cast appreciate the heads-up rather than trying to guess if they should congratulate you for being pregnant or not... No one likes to play that game.

Character Meet and Greets!

We got some truly special pictures with characters during our trip. Whether it was at Character Dining or a Meet and Greet spot. We made the most of adorable mini-bump photos. My favorite experience was Mickey with her special baby ears and Baymax interacting with the bump. During the interaction he started reaching out and I honestly had no idea what he was doing, which made it all even funnier. The character attendant said, "He wants to touch your baby bump. He's a health companion, he knows."

Special Souvenirs for your Little One

Even though I make and sell my own ears, I made a point to get some Park official baby ears monogramed in the Ear Shop on Main Street USA. It was so fun having her name added to the ears. (Not shown, but it's embroidered in gold on the back - we're still keeping the name hush hush for now.) It was great taking park pictures with them and using them during our Mickey interaction and photos. Now they're apart of her nursery decor. There are also special baby clothes and toys available in the parks that you can't find online and are a great way to share your trip with baby after they've arrived.

Disney Dining Plan

If you have an increased appetite the dining plan is the way to go! Not only do you get to feel like you're splurging a little on your meals, for a special sort of pampering in the parks, but it's also incredibly easy to swipe your magic band and get the meals/snacks deducted quickly and seamlessly. We went with the standard Disney Dining Plan and it perfectly met our needs. It was perfect for grabbing a favorite Starbucks drink, and of course dole whips - which I ate quite frequently on our trip.

Festivals and other Special Events

We went during the fall so we got to partake in two special events. The Epcot International Food & Wine Festival and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. While you can't enjoy the wine, there are still plenty of specialty foods and desserts to dine on in small portions - perfect for when you're needing a little something extra during the day. If you're on the dining plan, be sure to look for the dining plan symbol on the event menus and you can totally get that large snack you've been eyeing with your snack credits. At Mickey's Not So Scary you'll also find extra special eats, but my favorite it the special party parade and fireworks show that are featured with the party.

Check out my post about Mickey's Not So Scary to find out what to expect from this fun seasonal event.

Preparing Attire and Shoes in Advance

While I was still at the beginning of my pregnancy, I definitely required a little extra support in getting through the day. I recommend a belly support band this was a lifesaver with all the standing and walking as it gave my growing belly a bit of extra support (see my maternity favorites post for where to find the one I recommend). I stuck with dresses (it was still pretty hot when we went) with undershorts that suited the bump and comfy shoes. A friend recommended bringing multiple pairs of shoes and changing out through the day.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

If you've been to Disney World before, you know that it involves a whole lot of walking. The walking was pretty doable, and we always found a place to stop and rest when needed (more on that in a moment). You'll need to make sure you stay hydrated to keep that baby, and yourself, healthy and safe. Stop by quick service locations and ask for a cup of water whenever you need it. While you could use your snack credits for bottle of water, the cups are completely free and include ice in them! Bring a refillable water bottle from home (see my park bag post on what I recommend) and you can keep it sealed for when you go on rides.

Stop to Rest When You Need It

I found it so beneficial to stop and rest at the hotel mid-day when we could, or even get a dole whip and sit and enjoy our surroundings for a bit. Now we didn't do the hotel break everyday, but when we did it really rejuvenated me to keep going for the evenings. While I had a great deal of energy at this point in my pregnancy, I wasn't able to take on the parks full speed like I normally do. The hotel pool is your best friend for mid-day breaks. During the hottest point of the day travel back to the hotel for a pool break. This feels amazing for achey legs and feet. Each time we did this we followed it up with a refreshing shower and sometimes a brief nap. Then I was ready to go for the evenings.

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