• Brittany

Fab Fit Fun - Winter Box Review

I'm a subscription lover - there's just something about getting a special box in the mail (that may contain surprise gifts) that really puts a smile on my face. While I've tried out a few subscription services, I definitely have a few that remain favorites. Fab Fit Fun is one of them.

This seasonal subscription box arrives 4 times a year. The current cost per box starts at $49.99, but includes an estimated over $200 in merchandise inside of the box. When setting up the subscription you'll be asked specific questions so they can create a profile on you and cater your boxes to your needs. For instance, my box is more beauty product heavy, but some may prefer a more fitness focused box. So even if you and your bestie both subscribe, you may receive some different products.

Like Rocksbox, you are given some flexibility to choose some of the items in your box. For each category you'll be given two options for approximately 3 items in your box. (You can also upgrade your box for an additional cost to have more selection power. I personally just go with the base on this one.) The rest is a surprise. As much as a I like picking out my items I've honestly found some of the coolest products (that I would have never chosen myself) in my surprise items. It's a steal of a deal if you have expensive tastes, but want to be a budget shopper. Fab Fit Fun also gives you the option to add on discounted products to your box for an additional cost.

Here's a peak into my winter box:

Wanting to try the box for yourself? Use my Fab Fit Fun coupon code link for $10 off your first box: http://xo.fff.me/lvKR5