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My Favorite Pregnancy Finds

Pregnancy is such a whirlwind time, in the midst of preparing the nursery, adding to the registry, reading up on pregnancy, child-birth, and parenting you somehow have to shop for your now very changing body. We are so excited to be expecting our first baby in February and I couldn't be more excited to be pregnant. Even in the midst of all the excitement and joy, I'll admit that some parts of pregnancy are a little less than perfect - like shopping for maternity essentials. I hope my list can help get you started if you're struggling to figure out what you need to be comfortable.

Things I quickly discovered when looking for my prenatal must haves:

* Some stores don't carry maternity clothes in the store, but will online.

* Stores like Motherhood Maternity and Pea in the Pod are around, if you're lucky. Unfortunately for me they weren't conveniently located and required a bit of planning and a drive.

* I ended up in Maternity clothes earlier than I expected with all the changes I was experiencing and somewhat struggled to figure out what I needed when.

* Amazon Prime is a miracle my friends... not only can you get things quickly when you need them without going to multiple stores, you have so many different products at your finger tips.

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Maternity PJs and Night Gowns

There's nothing worse than laying awake at night because your clothes are sitting on your growing belly uncomfortably. I strongly recommend investing in one or two pairs of maternity pjs or an oversized T-shirt (if you're having a summer baby). I chose two pairs that also do double duty as nursing items and love them both!

Stripe Navy Blue Maternity/Nursing Nightgown

Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajama Set

Support Belt

We were headed on a trip to Disney that required a lot of walking when I was about 17 weeks and a friend recommended I buy a maternity support belt. I had honestly never heard of one, but it really made walking around a lot more doable. I have since purchased a second one and it's great to wear when I'm struggling with round ligament pain, or if I just feel like I need a little extra support. This brand has an adjustable OS belt, so no guessing which size would suit your growing belly.

Maternity Belt

Maternity T-Shirts

I didn't want to spend a ton on maternity wear, but wanted to grab a few staples that wouldn't break the bank. I opted for a these affordable and comfortable staple pieces that really fit seamlessly into my wardrobe and could be dressed up with cardigans, kimonos, vests, etc.

Jinson Mama Maternity Fitted Tank Top Side Ruching Scoop Neck

Liu & Qu Womens Maternity Classic Side Ruched T-Shirt

​Jinson Women's Motherhood Maternity Tunic Tops Clothes Flattering Side Ruching Pregnancy T-Shirt

Fitted Maternity Dresses

I didn't think I would be into showing off my baby bump, and typically do not like wearing tight fitting clothes. I'll admit these dresses were so great to have during the initial phases of the bump as we were dealing with warmer temps, but I feel like I can easily put on some tights and a sweater and transition them into winter too. The best part is they are extremely soft and comfortable. I've also been using the short sleeve dress as my bump photo dress.

Here I am at 17 weeks in the Women's Maternity Sleeveless Dress. I also own this one in black too. They're probably one of my favorite maternity staples and they look even better as the bump has grown larger.

This Liu & Qu Women's Ruched Maternity Bodycon Dress is my bump photo documenting dress and is also a super comfortable go to dress to show off the bump.

Belly Butter

I've tried a few different oils, lotions, and butters to keep the belly hydrated and avoid stretch marks. Most left me feeling sticky and uncomfortable. This belly butter is organic, which made me feel good about putting it on my growing belly, but also left my skin feeling hydrated and soft.


Belly Butter - Glow Organics

Best of luck to you as you venture through incredible journey. I hope my list can help you identify some products that may save you time and make you feel a little more at ease during your pregnancy.

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