• Brittany

Starbucks in Seattle

My husband and I recently ventured out to Seattle on one of his work trips. While there, this coffee addict had to see all of the fantastic Starbucks sights. If you're in Seattle you're probably already headed to the ever popular Pike Place Market, which you definitely should - It's an experience unlike any other!

Just across the street from the market you'll find the first ever Starbucks location - the Pike Place Store. If you can handle the line (which can get lengthy depending on when you go) you can venture inside the small shop that features unique original Starbucks merchandise and order a drink with some of their specialty brews. While inside I ordered my regular non fat latte and it was just like all the others, but there’s some unique sights inside this quaint store that make it a fun to-do if you’re in the area. Be prepared to wait as once you’re inside the store you order and then wait in another line to get your drink.

Later that day I ventured over to the Starbucks Roastery location, which is an incredible sight to see. Once inside you’re greeted with a special Starbucks gift shop, tasty bites and coffee drinks you’ve not seen in any other Starbucks location. My husband and I got an affogato (gelato and espresso) while inside and it was incredible. Even more incredible than the several bars and experiences around this massive Starbucks location is watching the beans going through the packaging process. It’s really a sight to see and if you have to choose between going inside the original Starbucks and the Starbucks Roastery I would definitely pick the Roastery.

Have you been to the Roastery before? What were your favorite elements?

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