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Rocksbox Set Review - Kendra Scott, Melinda Maria, & Aster

Rocksbox recently added the ability to swap out jewelry items from your selected set just prior to shipping. The subscription service gives the ability to confirm or swap (from a select number of items) and about 24 hours to do so before they go ahead and send you your stylist selected set.

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In this set I received the following: Kendra Scott Hailey Necklace in Gold and Aqua Howlite, Melinda Maria Diamondette Ear Huggies in Gold and Opal, & Aster Sorrel Drops in Moonstone. The Kendra Scott Necklace was selected by my stylist and the earrings I picked out during the swapping window.

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The Kendra Scott Necklace is a newer piece and it was nice to try this item out. It was pleasantly lightweight and yet a little bit of earthy glam with the howlite and small blue opal stone. Nice to try something that is from that line which is out of the norm of the standard Kendra Scott look. I love the classic pieces, but this was a fun change.

The Melinda Maria Earrings are one of my favorite pieces from a Rocksbox set. I chose them initially because I love opal - a stone this designer loves to feature. The earrings partially wrap around the bottom of my ear lobe for the look of a cuff earring, but without rubbing on my ear at all. They’re really lightweight and I just love the unique add-on they give to any outfit. A truly versatile piece

Moonstone is another favorite stone of mine and I loved the sunburst look of the Aster Sorrel Drops. These are definitely gorgeous, but I don’t think I could wear them for regular long-term wear due to the poking nature of the design. Cute for every once in a while and definitely fun to try out in my Rocksbox set.

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