• Brittany

Retro Style - Bandana Bands

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Having short hair is a wonderful thing, but sometimes I find my hair needs a little extra something. I love the look of headbands, but after trying out many different headbands, I was often disappointed with ones that bunched up my short hair awkwardly, or left me with an unpleasant headache (headband headache is the worst...).

So I started to experiment with sewing and creating my own hair accessories to give my short style a bit of pain-free flair. After many failed attempts, I am so pleased to introduce my bandana bands to the Chronicles of a Pixie line. These wonderful headbands come in a variety of patterns both Disney inspired and every-day inspired. I love fabric shopping and have so much fun with fun designs like Minnie, donuts with sprinkles, girly dinosaurs, and of course all the classic timeless patterns too.

Each headband is handmade by me and uses a wonderful band that is flexible to relieve the pressure on your head. Inspired by all of the fantastic retro girls, like Rosie the Riveter, and many more. This headband gives you the look of carelessly throwing a bandana around your head, but without all the fuss. Believe me, I've tried to go for that lovely bandana look to only be muttering in anger as it unrolled or made my hair weirdly stick-up... because that's totally the look I was going for (insert eye roll).

So now you can literally just throw these on and go. Best part - the bow is adjustable so you don't have to leave it where I tied it. You can move it from one side to the other or even just leave it right in the center. And if you become an avid collector of the Bandana Band you can remove the bow from one and place it on another Bandana Band. They're totally interchangeable. Maybe you don't want a bow one day - just go ahead and take it off. Oh- and did I mention my turn-around time is incredibly fast? Because if you're an avid Amazon shopper like I am having to wait for something for weeks (even when handmade) can be too much to bare... and honestly, I don't want you to go through that. Be sure to check out the store for current turnaround times!


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