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Avatar Flight of Passage: Top 5 Things to Know

Flight of Passage is one of Disney's newest attractions located in Pandora - the World of Avatar in Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's a 3D immersive simulator ride that makes you feel like you're actually flying on the back of a banshee (Na'vi name - ikran). This ride is incredible and if you feel like you can stomach it - it's a must ride in my experience. It was absolutely incredible!

Top 5 Things to Know:

1. Incredibly themed que + 2 pre-shows

During the pre-show you're led through a process of linking you to your avatar. Which you actually get to see the pairing happen on the screen as they describe everything that's about to happen. Hands-down this is the most immersive pre-show I've ever seen.

*A little bit of trivia for you - They'll introduce Jackie Ogden as a banshee researcher who restarted the Avatar program. The character is modeled after the real Jackie Ogden, Director of Animal programs at the Walt Disney World Resort. I actually met her very briefly once while working as a Disney Professional Intern.

2. You'll need to be able to transfer to a motorcycle type simulator.

Unlike other Disney attractions you won't be sitting. You'll climb onto your own individual simulator (a bit like getting onto a motorcycle or horse). You'll receive instruction for how to sit and security bars will be put into place for your safety during the ride. There is a simulator available for you to try sitting on just outside of the que entrance if you are feeling weary.

3. It's extremely immersive!

Not only do you feel yourself moving along with the banshee, but you can even feel it breathing underneath you. (That alone is incredible.) You'll also feel the wind, get a little wet (no ponchos necessary- more like a mist), and take in all the incredible smells. I loved every bit of how immersive it was - this totally made the ride for me. It makes you feel like you're really there even though it's still obvious that it's a 3D simulation.

4. Get your FastPass + or time accordingly

During our last trip to the parks a couple of weeks ago the waits for this ride were unbelievable at a steady 2-3 hours. The que is very immersive and fun to experience, but plan accordingly if you can (There are no restrooms inside the attraction line or area). FastPass + times are available for the ride, if booked in advance. When I checked shortly after planning our trip (just over a month in advance there weren't any remaining for the entire duration of our trip). If the ques are crazy get in line for the ride closer to park closing. We waited just about an hour and a half to ride even though the line said it was a longer on the line entrance.

5. This attraction may bother those who are prone to motion sickness or have a fear of heights.

So I'll admit, I was extremely weary of Flight of Passage despite all of the raving reviews. Something about the disclaimer they hand you when you're in the que about motion sickness and fear of heights (amongst a few more - available on a card and at the ride's entrance) made me hesitant to go on the ride. I am prone to motion sickness and am mildly afraid of heights. It's definitely more intense that Soarin' or Star Tours (even though I've heard many people compare the ride to both). I will say I am not a roller coaster fan and do not enjoy super intense experiences. My kind of intense rides are dinosaur and test track.

After getting off the ride I did not feel good, but I recovered in about 30 minutes. The fear of heights bothered me slightly - just had to remind myself it wasn't real and occasionally close my eyes. If you are sent to one of the higher boarding rooms and you look down once in the simulator you can see rows of people below you. Think of it as the leveling in Soarin', but I guess slightly more intense since you are in your own individual simulator. I'm so glad I didn't notice this initially, but my husband mentioned it to me after we got off the ride.

Overall, was it worth it? Yes! I'm so glad I was brave enough to go on it.

What are your favorite elements of Flight of Passage?

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