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Dietary Restrictions - Gluten Free Dining in Disney World

If you're like me, and you have some kind of medical dietary restriction it can sometimes cause a little bit of worry when planning for your upcoming vacation. Suddenly you find yourself researching all the dining menu options and trying to piece together where you can and can't eat. Luckily, Disney World has one of the best systems for dietary restrictions out of many commonly visited attractions.

*Gluten Free/Sugar Free Friendly Meal at Chefs de France in Epcot

Personally, I have to eat gluten free and sugar free (most sauces and obviously sweet foods are a no go). As long as I had an idea of what items could have easy substitutions (more on that to come) it was a relatively painless process.

No matter which sit-down dining restaurant you visit on the Walt Disney World Resort property a Chef will come out and discuss the menu with you and options. Some restaurants already have a dietary restriction menu that may easily meet your needs, but rest assure the chef will try their best to adapt. Be sure to indicate your restriction on your dining reservation so that the restaurant is aware upon your arrival - it just makes for a more seamless process.

In the world of quick-service a manager will come out to discuss options with you and present you with your final food tray - a special green tray that is kept separate from the remainder of their orders. Disney recently rolled out electronic food orders for the quick service menu.

Update: While the app was initially not available for those with dietary restrictions, they recently rolled out a allergy friendly menu (Scroll to the bottom of the app to view). It doesn't include everything so you may still have to speak with a cast member at your dining location. It does, however, include some of the regular allergies to include gluten free and sometimes dairy free meals. I was overjoyed to see this added to the app on our last Disney trip. Be forwarded that you will still wait a while for your allergy friendly meal to be cooked.

Their thorough check of all the foods that serve to you is immensely appreciated by most, but remember it is still a process which does take a decent amount of time. If you're ordering quick service with dietary restrictions plan ahead whenever you can (do not wait until you're starving) as it will take a while for them to make sure your order is kept separate and accurate.

Stay tuned for a closer look at my experiences at some of the quick service and sit down dining restaurants on property...

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