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Packing the Perfect Disney Park Bag

After many years preparing for trips to the Disney parks I finally have compiled a list of the top 12 items needed for the practically perfect park bag (for a family of adults). It's so important to be prepared for anything that may happen during your day, because lets face it ... A - park purchases can get expensive and B - Returning to the hotel for needed items means you loose valuable park time and energy. We typically take two bags with us a packable backpack and this year I went with a fanny pack for my personal essentials.

The following essential items all conveniently fit into a regular sized fanny pack along with a slim wallet...

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1. Bug Spray - Once nightfall hits you need some travel bug spray that you can easily apply. After working in Disney's Animal Kingdom I also recommend that you apply bug spray during the day while in Animal Kingdom (during the buggy times of the year).

2. Travel Sunscreen - Apply before you leave the hotel and then carry a little one in case you need to reapply during the day.

3. Hand Sanitizer - My go to in all my bags, but especially important while on the go in the parks.

4. Band-Aids and/or Moleskin - Disney has an onsite First Aide in every park, but save yourself the time (and the walking distance) by carrying a few bandaids or pieces of mole skin incase blisters begin to form while you're doing all that walking.

5. Snacks - I have dietary restrictions so to save myself the effort in finding foods I can easily snack on and cut down our food expenses in the parks we always carry some healthy and small snack options with us.

6. Tissue - Especially during allergy season!

7. Travel Size Pain Reliever - You're doing a lot of walking and you're bound to get a few aches along the way. It's wonderful having some pain reliever on you when you need it.

8. Rain Poncho - During certain times of the year, you can bet on a down-pour, or at least a light sprinkling, at least once during your trip. Skip the bulky umbrella and pack a rain poncho. You can get these relatively inexpensively from the dollar store or buy them in bulk through amazon. Check out my affiliate link for the ones I purchased for our most recent trip: Poncho 5 Pack

9. Chapstick - Maybe a given, but it's nice to have year round.

10. Travel Shout Wipes - You never known when you will spill a perfectly good dole whip, or other Disney food item on yourself and having a quick way to take the stain out without going back to your hotel to change is wonderful. I literally used one within an hour of being at the parks on our last trip.

11. Portable Battery and Charging Cord - If you're like me you love taking photos of all your Disney adventures and checking out the current wait times on all the rides through the Disney App. A compact and reliable phone charger is an absolute must. I recently bought the Anker Power Core 10,000 for our trip and was able to charge my phone quickly without much weight being added to my fanny pack. Check out my affiliate link for this amazing little battery pack featured in my photos - it is a wonderful thing: Anker PowerCore 10000

Unfortunately this last item doesn't fit inside the fanny pack, but we were able to include it in the exterior bottle pockets on our packable backpack:

12. Brita Sport Water Bottle - Buying bottled water around the parks can be expensive. Thanks to this little handy bottle you can fill up at a sink or drinking fountain and have filtered water. You can also find these on Amazon through my affiliate link: Brita Sport Water Bottle 2 Pack

It's a great feeling to be prepared and have everything you need. I especially enjoyed carrying it all in my MILOOD rose gold water resistant fanny pack. It made traveling a breeze. You can get one of your own through my Amazon affiliate link (it also comes in Silver and Gold): MILOOD Water Resistant Fanny Pack

What are your must have items for your park bag?

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