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DIY Floral Wire Minnie Mouse Ears

Statement ears are becoming quite the trend at the Disney Parks. To celebrate the upcoming Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival I decided to try my hand at making my own floral wire Minnie M Ears. It was such a fun process that I wanted to share this DIY with you so that you too can make your very own unique ears!

Are you more of a shopper than crafter? Check out the Chronicles of a Pixie store on Etsy to order your ears directly.

Wire Floral Minnie Mouse Ears

Gathering Supplies

DIY Supplies
DIY Floral Supplies

The following supplies are needed to create your ears:

  • Hot Glue Gun- For this project I'm using a low temp glue gun, because I am accident prone.

  • Glue Sticks - I chose SuperBonder Clear Stik, found in the fabric section of my local craft store.

  • Wire Cutters

  • 1 Thick Craft Headband

  • Velvet Ribbon (optional)

  • 12 Gauge Wire - I opted for the slightly more expensive jewelry wire. I was told you could use floral wire, but the floral wire I found bent really easily so I opted for the jewelry wire.

  • Scissors

  • Measuring Tape

  • Sharpie

  • Floral Stems - I chose three different stems of three different colors/three different types of flowers to give myself a variety, and then a bundle of accent greens. You can get creative with the colors. I decided I wanted a Little Mermaid theme for mine so I chose purple, turquoise, and red. That's the fun part about this DIY it can be whatever you want it to be!

Step 1: Setting up your headband (optional)

Take the velvet ribbon and hot glued it to the inside of the headband to provide a soft lining for the headband. This makes it more comfortable to wear and keeps the headband from slipping. This step is not necessary to make the ears, but may provide you with additional comfort for wearing the ears all day in the parks.

Lining a headband

Step 2: Shaping your ears

I selected a candle (approximately 10 inches in diameter) to use as the mold for my ears to make them a medium size. On my last set of DIY ears I used a larger container to make my ears more dramatic in size.

Select your container and wrap the wire around the container.

  • Run your finger along the wire to smooth out any bumps that may form.

  • Bend the ends backwards, so your fingers can slide in the crevices of the wire.

  • Trim the excess wire to leave just about an inch of wire on each side. You will use this wire to secure it to the headband.

  • Repeat with a second wire to make your second ear. Line them up with each other to make sure the gap at the bottom of the ears match on both sides.

Wrapping Wire Ears
Wrapping Wire Ears

Step 3: Securing your ears to the headband

Take your measuring tape and measure 4 inches up from the bottom of the headband on both sides. Mark the measurement with a small dot from a black sharpie marker. This will be your starting point for securing the ears.

  • Line the bend in the ear up with the dot and hot glue the wire to the headband on both sides. Add additional glue over the top of the wire to help it stay put. Repeat on side 2.

  • Measure 3 inches between ears and glue the inside metal piece down to the headband on both sides. Now your ears are set to decorate.

Marking Headband

Attaching Metal Ears

Step 4: Decorating with flowers and greenery

Take the floral stems and cut off the flowers just under the base with the wire cutters. Cut all the flowers first and then start to arrange them out by size and color preference.

Once you have an arrangement idea, start to glue the flowers on an angle down on the headband. Continue to glue on the flowers as they fit. Once this is complete turn over the headband and add additional flowers or greenery. It's important to have a finished look on the back since both sides will be viewable when you are wearing your new floral ears.

Back of the ears

Step 5: Wear your new ears with pride!

I'm so excited to wear my ears at our upcoming trip this March. I'd love to see the ears you make. Please comment with a picture below or tag me on Instagram with your finished product.

Hope you have a magical day!

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