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The Pixie Life

6 years ago I saw a gorgeous picture of Ginnifer Goodwin wearing a pixie cut. She was glowing with femininity and confidence. It was then I knew that I must try the pixie cut. Having just moved to Texas from the Chicagoland area it seemed like the ultimate time to experiment with my look and create a new me. I headed into the hair salon with short curly hair expecting for the best and well.... I came to understand what to ask for with a short hair cut over the next several years.

Once I made the cut my own I felt like it is such a large part of my identify. I even chose to be a pixie cut bride on my wedding day rather than growing it out. It's who I am, and my husband just happens to love my short hair.

Pixie Cut Bride
Pixie Cut Bride

Photography: Kristin Serna

If your thinking of going short and don't know where to start here are my recommendations:

1. Get on Pinterest and create an inspiration board! There are so many gorgeous pixies out there. Sifting through and creating an inspiration board will help you see the trends you like. Show your inspiration to your hair stylist so they can create a cut with your hair in mind. Check out the Chronicles of a Pixie Pinterest board for inspiration.

2. If you're a brunette look for brunette pixie cut examples as well. There are so many fantastic blonde pixie cuts that show texture really well, but that is not always the case when you have darker hair.

3. Experimenting with color with your cut can be so much fun and easy to do yourself now that your hair is short. Just keep in mind going from brunette to blonde is not a one and done process and probably should be left to a professional.

4. Continue to evolve your hair cut over time. You may want to start longer and then gradually try different things. As my fantastic hair stylist always says, "you can always take more off, but you can't put it back on." My favorite part about this hair cut is that you can continue to change it as much as you like and have a ton of fun with it.

5. Have fun and enjoy it! Style it different ways and accessorize. Short hair is so much easier and adds an extra special flair to your look. Welcome to the pixie cut club... you'll be wondering why you didn't join in on the fun sooner!

Have questions about joining the pixie club or want to share your fabulous pixie cut? Comment below - I'd love to hear from you!

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