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Online Dating - Creating a Profile 101

About four years ago I found myself logging into my first online dating site. I had so many preconceived notions about the process, but at the same time I was excited for whatever amazing person was out there waiting for me. I did not know anyone who had successfully dated online and so I did a little research and tried to find the best dating sites with the best reputation.

2 cups of coffee

I logged on to my first online dating website and created my profile. As I began the process of setting up my account I found out it was a lot harder than it looks. What picture do I put up? What do I say my favorite hobbies are? My inability to describe myself in a profile became almost paralyzing.

A few different online dating platforms, and many dates later, I finally figured it out.


Before you stop reading let me outline for you further what I learned on my online dating journey that eventually led me to meeting and marrying a truly amazing man (from a free online dating app- but we'll get more into that later).

1. Post a few pictures of yourself that look like you, but also makes you feel wonderful when you look them.

If your potential is under a false impression before they meet you it will not go well in person (I've heard one too many stories about this from online daters. Trust me, no one appreciates meeting under false pretenses. Especially if you put up a picture of someone else - yes, some people do this and I cannot tell you why).

2. Outline hobbies that are special to you and you hope that your future significant other will join you in (or appreciate).

Try to be as real and genuine as possible - loves to travel is practically on everyone's profile - you're trying to show off how amazing you are.

3. If your faith or religion are important to you -list it!

4. List fun facts if you can....

Have you been to 10 different countries? Do you speak more than one language? Are you the champion of trivia night? Do you regularly participate in a special community service project? Not only are these intriguing to your potential date, but they're a great conversation starter.

5. If it asks you what you're looking for in a potential partner, be honest, but refrain from listing all of your deal breakers.

Nothing was more annoying to me than scrolling through profiles and seeing how a potential match was uninterested in women who watch reality tv, or spent all their spare time with their girlfriends... or whatever else made the potential date seem cynical and bitter. Everyone has deal breakers, and you'll quickly realize as you get to know someone whether you see a red flag.

Overall, enter into this process with optimism and enjoy it. Whether this is a whole new world for you, or you're just looking at a way to revamp your process, I hope you take the time to reflect on yourself and what makes you amazing. Someone out there is looking for someone just like you! Wouldn't it be nice to get to know them over a cup of coffee?

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